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The Johnan Spirit


The entire philosophy of our company is based on our mission, health, and safety and quality policies.


Johnan America Inc. has now enjoyed 17 years of production in Bardstown, KY. Now, as always, we are a company on the move, supplying Subaru, Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi with window regulators and other functional part assemblies. We stay dedicated to our Quality Policy, Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement


At Johnan America, we consider our associates to be our greatest competitive advantage. For 17 plus years, our associates have helped propel us to a market leadership position by designing innovative technology, manufacturing high-quality products and delivering world-class products to customers. This has built a foundation for continued growth and profitability and positioned us to be a leading provider of quality automobile parts well into the future. We are also developing a strong relationship with our sibling company Johnan de Mexico as we grow our North American business.


Fiscal Year 2015 Policy


Target High Reliability and Competitiveness

Respond to the Challenge of High Corporate and Customer Goals



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